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Members discuss planning issues at the monthly meetings, and each month the Planning and Environment Committee meet to review recent planning applications and other planning matters.
They also consider follow up actions which may be taken on behalf of members. The notes are prepared and edited by Brenda Pickett.

Recent editions may be viewed via the buttons on the left.

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Latest notes
Current Issues Earlier Notes (-1) Earlier Notes (-2) Earlier Notes (-3) Earlier Notes (-4)
Latest notes

Select the Planning notes you want to view using the buttons below

Select the notes you wish to view using the buttons above

To search the planning applications database in the Weymouth and Portland Borough Council area please  click the button below.

For information about local planning policies, to view the local news feed, and to review the local strategic plan and planning policies, follow the links below which take you direct to the relevant pages of the local authority website.

Current Issues

There are many local issues which have proved to be of interest to members, including -




For more information, please  click the button below to go to our “Issues of Interest” page”, where you will also find direct links to local authority websites which invite you to share your views.

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W&P BC News

Click the button below to visit the News Pages of the Local Authority website.

Well worth monitoring for the latest strategic planning news.

Weymouth Now and Then Weymouth Past & Present Weymouth to Easton Railway

Interested in the Weymouth of the past? Have a look at these U tube Videos.
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(Neighbourhood Plan)

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Planning & Environment
Recent Issues of Interest

Weymouth Peninsula

Have your say on the Weymouth Peninsular Development Plans

For the story so far, click the button to go
direct to the pages of the Council website,
where full  details may be found.

Please share your views - details of how to do
this may be found on the Council website.
Go there direct by clicking the button.

The Society has  submitted a composite
response. Please click the button to see more.

The blue buttons take you direct to the appropriate pages of the local authority website -

Recap & Comments Share Your Views Civic Society Response

Joint Local Plan

Read the “Issues and Options” Summary Report

West Dorset District Council and Weymouth & Portland Borough Council’s Issues & Options Summary for their Joint Local Plan has now been published, and the Summary Consultation report may be accessed by clicking the button below.

Local Plan Review

The Future of Local Government
in Weymouth & Portland

Click button below to visit the “Dorset-For-You”  page entitled “A fresh look at new local government arrangements for the borough”  The section labelled “Making a good community” includes as a required characteristic of good community -
“A  sense of civic pride and civic values”.

Weymouth Town Centre

Learn about the Weymouth Town Centre Masterplan

Weymouth &Portland Borough Council is developing a strategy to deliver a brighter future for Weymouth town centre. Public consultation on the masterplan took place in 2015.

To view the documents relating to the consultation, and a report outlining the outputs from the public consultation events held so far, please click the button below.

Several members took part in the consultation process, expressing a range of views. The Society also submitted a composite response; please click the button below to see more.

The Masterplan Civic Society Response Future Local Government

Weymouth Promenade
Lighting Scheme

Information for this section was supplied by the Coastal Connections Project Officer. (Visit the Coastal Connections  website for more information about this department - left hand button below.)

Details posted here by Dinah Ellis

The project to create a new lighting scheme for Weymouth Esplanade is nearing its final phase. A designer has been appointed, and a concept proposed.

An exhibition was held at Weymouth Library on Friday 18th May, which several of our members attended and contributed comments.

Click the centre button below to see the latest lighting factsheet

For more details click the buttons below (or the picture below, which takes you to the “Weymouth Promenade Lighting” page of the  website).

Also, this issue is featured in the W&P BC News feed - click the button alongside this panel.

Have Your Say Lighting Factsheet Coastal Connections W&P BC Update