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Weymouth Civic Society

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Planning and Environment

This  committee reviews  local planning applications on behalf of members, collects the views of a selection of members, and submits representative comments to local Planning Authorities.

It meets on the first Friday of each month at 4-00 pm.

Chairman                                                -  Pru Bollam
Secretary                                                - Brenda Pickett

WCS  Membership Secretary          - Pauline Crump
Other Members
Mary Bennett,  Ronald Martin, Gerald Mabb,
Pauline Carter, Richard Cropper.

Nothe Fort Committee

This committee works with the Nothe Fort General Manager and her team, assisting with day to day management of the Fort and management of various teams of volunteers who contribute to Fort operations. They support to the Board in the development of the Fort business, including the commercial and strategic planning processes.

Chairman                                                     - Brian Martin
Vice Chairman                                          - t.b.a.
Treasurer                                                     - t.b.a.
Volunteer Liaison                                   - t.b.a.
Events Director                                        - Jane Chandler

Other Members
Rod Burch, George Forder,  Alisdair Murray

Civic Society Rep.                                   - Mary Bennett

General Manager                                   - Louise Baker
Administration Manager                 - Steve Booth

Minutes Secretary                                   - Liz O’Connell

Tudor House Sub-committee

This committee is responsible for all aspects of the Tudor House operations, including development, planning, and day to day management.

Custodian                         - Dorothy Hyman
Treasurer                        - Hilary South
Secretary                        - Jenny Anderson
Other Members
Sue Wilson, Virginia Tatlor, Lynne Kerley, Laura Jane Gardner.


The Board publish recent news on their
Facebook Page, moderated by Claudia Moore.

For recent planning notes please go to our Planning Pages (follow the link).

The WCS Board

This is the main WCS management committee. It oversees the activities of the three main operating committees (below), and works closely with the Nothe Fort professional management team on all aspects of Fort development and financial management.

Chairman                                                     - Mary Bennett
Vice Chairman                                          - Pru Bollam
Secretary                                                     - Gerald Mabb
Treasurer                                                    - Dorothy Hyman
 Director                                                      - Rod Burch
Director                                                      -  Jane Chandler
Director                                                      - Keith Holdaway
Director                                                      - Jonathan Turner

Tudor House Custodian                      - Dorothy Hyman
Nothe Fort Chairman                           - Brian Martin

Committees . . .

Where information is available, the names of committee members, and committee meeting dates, will be published here. Individual Contact details are on our “Contacts” page.

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Articles of Association

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Civic Society Quarterly Newsletters

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Members are invited to send items for publication in the newsletter, published quarterly by the Board.

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Message from “Civic Voice”
Conservation Matters

To Gerald Mabb, Secretary.
Dear Gerald,

I am writing to you to share with you research that has been published by Historic England showing that the number of full-time equivalent historic environment specialists providing advice to local authorities in England has fallen by 36% since 2006. 

I wanted to share it with you as I think the conclusion is simple; less staff providing advice to local authorities is threatening the future of our historic environment. As we celebrate 50 years of Conservation Areas, this is wrong. 

With conservation staff numbers being so hard hit by cuts, we have to ask how councils are coping with their duties to manage the historic environment. Many will say they have the advice from consultants and private sector. We do not believe that is suitable. The activities of conservation officers are most effective when they are embedded in the local planning authority, rather than being seen as an add-on. A 36% decreased is unacceptable.

Will you support Civic Voice's Big Conservation Conversation to help us continue to make the case for the importance of the historic environment.

Vice President of “Civic Voice”, our National Civic Organisation and publisher.

W&P BC News

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New General Manager at the Nothe Fort

‘The Board of Weymouth Civic Society is pleased to announce that following David Joy’s departure, a new General Manager has been appointed for the Nothe Fort.  The new General Manager will be Louise Baker, who joins us from Madame Tussauds in London, where she is currently a cultural archivist, looking after a large team of volunteers.

 Louise has previously worked as a manager at the Museum of London, and as a supervisor at the Cutty Sark Clipper Ship, and is well qualified in both museums and health and safety management.  She is very much looking forward to meeting staff and volunteers when she starts on 2 October with a week of introduction.’

Civic Society News

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