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Weymouth Civic Society

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Planning and Environment

This  committee reviews  local planning applications on behalf of members, collects the views of a selection of members, and submits representative comments to local Planning Authorities.

It meets on the first Friday of each month at 4-00 pm.

Chairman                                                -  Pru Bollam
Secretary                                                - Brenda Pickett

WCS  Membership Secretary          - Pauline Crump
Other Members
Mary Bennett,  Ronald Martin, Gerald Mabb,
Pauline Carter, Richard Cropper, Keith Holdaway.

Tudor House Sub-committee

This committee is responsible for all aspects of the Tudor House operations, including development, planning, and day to day management.

Custodian                         -t.b.a.
Treasurer                        - Hilary South
Secretary                        - Jenny Anderson
Other Members
Sue Wilson, Virginia Tatlor, Lynne Kerley, Laura Jane Gardner.


The WCS Board

This is the main WCS management committee. It oversees the activities of the three main operating committees (below), and works closely with the Nothe Fort professional management team on all aspects of Fort development and financial management.

Chairman                                                     - Mary Bennett
Vice Chairman                                          - Pru Bollam
Secretary                                                     - Gerald Mabb
Treasurer and
  Tudor House Custodian                   - t.b.a.
Membership Secretary                       - Pauline Crump
Nothe Fort Chairman                          - Brian Martin
Director                                                      - Chris Moyle
Director                                                      -  Jane Chandler
Director                                                      - Keith Holdaway
Director                                                      - Jonathan Turner
Director                                                      - Ron Martin

General contact e-mail

Committees . . .

Where information is available to the website, the names of committee members, and committee meeting dates, will be published here. Individual Contact details are on our “Contacts” page.

Stanley Pickett 1922 - 2018

Stanley at Lodmoor August 2007

Stanley died at the end of September after a long life filled with adventure and achievement.

His career began at home in Weston Super Mare as an articled pupil to an architect, surveyor and town planner.  During the Second World War he was called up, and following training as an officer in the Royal Engineers he served in the Indian Army, mainly in Burma and later the Far East.  Despite some very narrow escapes, he never lost his love of travel, and his peace-time career as a planner and surveyor took him, his first wife and growing family to Canada, first in Newfoundland, then Ottawa.

Returning to England he worked in private practice, which involved travel to various countries, before moving to Scotland as Planning and Transport Officer for the Highlands and Islands Development Board.   He got to know Brenda, also a town planner, through his work and they married in 1980, after the death of his first wife.

In retirement the couple settled in Weymouth, Brenda’s home town, where their joint professional experience has been invaluable to the Civic Society over many years.  He gave his time to delivering illustrated talks, guided walks around Weymouth, and occasionally offering his vast experience of planning matters to our Planning Committee supplementing the experience of Brenda, our secretary.  He also carried out some tasks for the Nothe Fort, and was a knowledgeable guide at Tudor House.

Family connections had given him a love for Italian Lake Como, but now he added Dorset to his favourite places for study and exploration.  Over the years here he studied and photographed all the 263 medieval churches and chapels of the county.

His love of reading and music sustained him in the last years when roving and exploration were no longer possible.  He continued to hold penetrating, critical but benign views on a wide range of subjects to the end.  Truly a good life, well lived.


Governor’s Garden, Portland

Planning & Environmental Committee - News Updates

The Planing & Environmental Committee publish regular Planning News updates on the Planning pages of this website. Click the button below to go there.

Members’ Newsletters

The Board only publishes Members’ news via three Members’ “newsletters” per year - designed, edited and presented by Dinah Ellis - as Email attachments circulated by Membership Secretary Pauline Crump. Click the button below to download a copy, or contact
Pauline Crump at

The Board also publishes some recent WCS news on their Facebook Page
which is moderated by Claudia Moore

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Nothe Fort Committee

This committee assists the Nothe Fort General Manager and her team with the day to day management of the Fort, the development of its commercial and strategic planning and in the management of the various teams of volunteers who keep the Fort running. The committee Chairman and several members sit on the WCS board.

Chairman                                                     - Brian Martin
Vice Chairman                                          - t.b.a.
Treasurer                                                     - t.b.a.
Volunteer Liaison                                   - t.b.a.
Events Director                                        - Jane Chandler

Other Members
Rod Burch, George Forder,  Alisdair Murray

Civic Society Rep.                                   - Mary Bennett

General Manager                                   - Louise Baker
Administration Manager                 - Steve Booth

Minutes Secretary                                   - Liz O’Connell

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